Because this 1o minute singing bowl meditation is a condensed version of our regular singing bowl meditations, some of the tones you are hearing were not held as long as they normally would be.

In our in person meditations that we offer weekly at Salvation Wellness, the experience would be slower and more deeply relaxing.

I am offering these videos here, to help you relax in these uncertain and isolated times. Even when we can’t be together in one place, we can be together in Spirit.

Everything is vibration.
Even our bodies, even our thoughts. The chair you are sitting on has its own vibration. The earth has its own vibration (its called The Schumann Resonance).

By changing the vibration in in your space and in your body, it is thought that you can change the way your body feels, heals, and the way you think. It can even change the way you feel emotionally about situations that are bothering you.

And it is my hope that this brings an easy and accessible way to lighten up those feelings, a gentle way to find some balance and relax, even during challenging times. Please check out our other meditation videos on our YouTube page or here on our site.

Our small group meditations are offered at our office in downtown Jersey City. They are 30 minutes in length and we will be posting full videos soon, for those of you who can not join us in person.

Until then enjoy this 10 minute singing bowl meditation for a more relaxed day

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