Restore your body, Quiet your mind, Soothe your spirit, Salvation Wellness. We are a modern apothecary and wellness office, specializing in holistic healing from the inside, out. Combining sophisticated modern science, with proven healing techniques, we customize a therapeutic experience for you in each and every session. We create a refuge for your body with the use of massage, meditation, and movement along with hand-made products, fueled by organic CBD and essential oils that have the ability to treat a wide range of health concerns, improve mood and help you achieve optimum wellness.

Each time you book with us, you can expect a fully customized bodywork session, done by expert therapists, using handmade organic products. We make sure you feel your best each and every time you leave our table. We constructing your session by utilizing multiple therapeutic techniques, based on your primary concerns and wellness goals. We are fiercely committed to an inclusive environment, so please know you will be welcome no matter your race, color, weight, religion, sexual identity or orientation.
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I am a massage therapist, movement specialist, yogini, master herbalist and aromatherapist who is trained in over 25 techniques and who has workedin the field of massage and wellness for 20 years (I got in to it early). I have worked with various medical practitioners, physical therapists, and athletic teams, I have extensive practical experience working with the physiologic aspects of our injuries while being able to successfully fuse the intrinsic energy that lies within our psychosomatic experiences. I believe that manual manipulation and functional movement of our soft tissue (such as muscles, ligaments, fascia and connective tissue) is a very powerful form of preventative and remedial treatment. I have had the pleasure of working within athletic training teams for college athletes, with chiropractors, cardiologists, physiotherapists, surgeons, and high profile clientele such as professional athletes, olympic atheles, and famous musicians.

I have focused my specialties on sports rehab and prevention, chronic pain management, and lymphatic drainage for post operative and auto immune disease care. Because I have a passion for my work and because I believe it is important to give back, I have had the privilege to volunteer with non-profit groups like The Hyacinth Foundation working with auto-immune patients, Life Rolls On working with mobility disabled children and adults due to both accute injury and congenital issues. I have been a founder and board member of TEDxJerseyCity and Massage Without Borders. In fact, with the organic, vegan body and home care line I have developed, I give a portion of each purchase to local non profits who do work that is dear to my heart. I also have experience as a professor at Cortiva Massage Institute in Hoboken, NJ where I taught classes in Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and Neuromuscular Therapy. Ive worked internationally with special needs patients with brain injuries which resulted in occupational dysfunctions or partial paralysis as is the case with aphasia, peripheral neuropathies, stroke, or fibromyalgia.

My work in the field of physiotherapy facilitated my skill set dealing with chronic pain sufferers. There are many modalities to deal with persistent, ingrained soft tissue constriction. To treat chronic conditions, I custom tailor each massage to fit the needs of every client. I do not believe in massage “routines”. I deal with the specific presentation and resolution of issues on an individual basis. By doing this, I have seen some amazing changes in peoples bodies, and also quality of life! Any questions you may have about a condition, a massage, movement, wellness products or anything related please do not hesitate to contact me!

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