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What’s in a name?

Well, it all began with OKCupid, California, and hip pain.  Studying the effects that herbs and oils have on our body, and combining them with my extensive training in massage therapy, corrective fitness, meditation and yoga, has been my passion for over 2 decades. If you would like to read more about me, CLICK HERE.

In 2015 I met my husband Andres, while out in California to visit my family. I logged into OkCupid on a whim and saw this really cool guy and reached out straight away.  Andres was working in the medical cannabis industry; from plant cultivation to product development. When we met it was instant love, personally and professionally. He taught me about the powerful effects that cannabis has on our body. I was intrigued to say the least. Together we created synergy with all sorts of therapeutic oils, herbs, crystals and cannabis; using the formulas I had developed over the past decade as our foundation.

My dad had two radical hip replacements, many shoulder replacements, and two knee replacements. After his last hip replacement, doctors told him he would never walk again. He is a believer in natural healing and over the course of several years, rehabbed himself back to not just walking, but dancing and biking! Still, my dad had chronic hip pain, so Andres and I decided to make him something based on all of our experiments. We made a CBD salve and when he put it on his hip for the first time, he said, “I’m not sure how, but my hip pain is gone. I don’t feel any cold or heat, just no pain.” Salvation! Thus Salv.a.tion was born!

We started giving the salve to our therapists, gave it to our clients, and anyone who wanted to try it. The positive feedback was immense and we knew we were on to something. We perfected our line, infused these CBD healing products into our wellness services, and we named our practice Salvation Wellness as a homage to the profound and powerful effects that our little salve has had on the total body wellness of the people we care about. 

 You can find them at our flag ship location in Jersey City, as well as boutiques, wellness studios, gyms, and natural markets.


A little about us, to let you know what makes us unique! Each of our therapist’s are hired because of their curiosity and passion for wellness and healthcare. After they are hired, they go through extensive training to help them learn to think deductively and creatively about pain management and overall health. You can expect that your therapist will really listen and do their best for you, every time you come to Salvation Wellness. We promise  you that we will really work on the issues you want resolved by doing research, getting creative and be comprehensive about your wellness; whether it be in a massage, a meditation, yoga class, or hypnotherapy session.


Christine, LMT




Carrie, LMT




Salvation Wellness founder Ceallaigh



Meet Ceallaigh! Our passionate and devoted founder. She is all about being a massage therapist, movement specialist, yogini, herbalist, and aromatherapist who is trained in over 25 bodywork techniques. She has worked in the field of massage and wellness for over 2 DECADES (she got started early).

She has worked with various medical practitioners, physical therapists, professional athletic teams and Olympians. She has toured as the massage therapist with several well known musicians. 

She has created a system that custom tailors her client’s session for their specific bodywork goals and preferences, and trains each of her staff to think with a deductive and curious mind. To fit the need of each client, she tailors each session with manipulation, manual bodywork, stretching, cupping, and corrective exercise. 

She has had the privilege of volunteering with non profit groups like the Hyacinth Foundation, and Life Rolls On. She is a founding board member of TEDxJerseyCity and Massage Without Borders. She currently sits as the State Chair for Community Service for the American Massage Therapy Association. She has taught as a professor at Cortiva Massage Institute in Hoboken, NJ as well as the Eastern International College in topics such as Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and Sports Massage.  (


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Carolynn A.
Carolynn A.Copy Editor
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Best massages EVER! I couldn’t turn my head for 3 years and nobody could help me. Then I got massage with Ceallaigh and have full range of use in my neck! THANKS
James D.
James D.
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When my girlfriend left she came out so untended and loose she wasn’t in pain it brought out more of her inner happiness and to that’s all I could ever ask for
Tim Knipper
Tim KnipperAssets Manager
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All I can say is that you’re strong in the Force, Master Jedi Cea – I sincerely appreciate your talents! Thank you for helping rid the world (and my body) of pain!
Stephanie T.
Stephanie T.Personal Assistant
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I love Ceallaigh and her healing hands! Ceallaigh brings so much skill and insight to her work. She treats you as an individual and is quickly able to find your aches and work them until they dissolve. I am so grateful to have found her! She is an expert therapist; strong, sensitive, and aware. She will give you the best massage ever. Go see her!
Nicole Kaduson
Nicole KadusonPilates Instructor
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Being a Pilates instructor I am particularly sensitive to the pain and suffering that I can sometimes put my body through. Ceallaigh is so knowledgeable about each and every muscle that every time I visit I am put out of my misery in the most wonderful massage. I have had a shoulder injury that wasn’t healing due to scar tissue and tight muscle and Ceallaigh found the problem and helped to fix not only the shoulder issue but other issues throughout my body. She is the best!
Dr. Tim Merrick, DC
Dr. Tim Merrick, DCChiropractor
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As a chiropractor of 20 years, I’ve have had more massages from more therapists than I can count. I must say the massage I just received from Ceallaigh was one of the best ever. She didn’t have a “routine” that she ran through, but assessed my musculoskeletal system and addressed my issues as appropriate. I can’t wait till my next massage!
Ross Sicherman
Ross SichermanFinancial Analyst
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Got my first professional massage ever this weekend courtesy of Ceallaigh. Although I am no expert on massages, I think how great I felt after was proof of her expertise, experience, and mastery of skill. In particular, my back feels better than it has in years. She really helped me work through my problem areas and release many of my knots, and though her techniques were sometimes rather intense, it was all very productive. Highly recommended. I’ll definitely be back for more…
Krishna Chavda
Krishna ChavdaIllustrator
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I had tried so many things, and so many therapists, and Ceallaigh’s massages are the only things that have helped resolve my muscle spasms