Answers from a CBD Expert

answers from a cbd expert salvation wellness jersey city nj

Have you ever had questions about a CBD product you saw online or in a store, but you just weren’t sure how to use it, or if it was the right thing for you? Or maybe you just wanted to figure out if it the “real deal” or not? Well thats why we did this interview called

Answers from a CBD expert.

I cant tell you how many questions I get about CBD on a daily basis. And I have got ANSWERS. and I SHOULD have answers! I formulate products, and so I need to know the science behind why the ingridients I use, work.

People ask me questions about how to use it, why it works (which is really cool and way more complex than you realize), why it might not work for some people (there is about 3% of the population who is “resistant” to cannabinoids), and when to use something topical like a cream, VS when to use a tincture. We also answered questions about using it as a new mother, and the benefits to athletes and when to take it. If you have questions like these, then this podcast is for you check it out, in the link below. 

Leslie from Everything Jersey City came in to our office and got one of our signature CBD massages and after her session, she couldn’t believe how amazing she felt! Of course had a lot of questions, as many people do. So we went on Instagram for an hour long discussion and Q+A from our audience. I had a ton of fun. I hope you enjoy watching it as much I enjoyed making it. 

Everything Jersey City Experts: CBD

Check it out! If you want answers from a CBD expert, email me at and lets get nerdy on CBD together! 

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