Arch Support Exercises for Better Feet


Did you know? Pain isn’t always tension, sometimes its weakness! Let’s geek out about arch support exercises for better feet. 

Your foot has 26 bones and 33 joints.

When you think about how and why our bodies have evolved the way they did, you can imagine that our feet are meant for movement and agility. In fact, our feet have two distinct functions. One is to stabilize over uneven surfaces, when your foot is in a flattened position. The other, is to propel your body forward by driving the force of your legs down through your foot and in the the ground.

However, when we do not use our feet correctly – because of tight shoes, or repetitive movements – it can create a lot of pain, especially in your arches. Your arch is the area that mobilizes the most and is prone to instability and eventually injury. 

Luckily, there are ways to correct this with massage and exercise. I often give exercise homework to my clients, and if you are one of my clients – USE THESE! Give your feet some lovin’!

These arch support exercises for better feet are meant to strengthen and stabilize your feet in every direction and movement. Try them for 3 weeks and I’ll bet you that your feet will feel better. 

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