I never stop learning, and am always looking for ways to better serve people as individuals, toward a healthy and pain free life!
This blog is written with you in mind. It’s a great compendium to our services.
Salvation Wellness has gone through many iterations over the years, but it all began with my desire to help people. When I mentored under a shaman bodyworker in the late 90s I realized how incredibly healing touch can be, and how it can truly change the way people live in their bodies, I was sold for life on being a massage therapist; with an emphasis on science based therapy. When I moved to Jersey City in 2010, I knew I wanted to make this city my home, and I started getting clients in the area. I grew organically to include several locations, incredible therapists who I truly believe in, and who’s passion and dedication to learning this craft are unparalleled, and a product line I truly believe in.
As a massage therapist I have trained in over 20 techniques and worked in the field of massage for over 20 years (I got in to it early).I believe that bodywork  is a very powerful form of preventative and remedial treatment. I have had the pleasure of working within athletic training teams for college athletes, with chiropractors, cardiologists, physiotherapists, surgeons, and high profile clientele such as professional athletes and famous musicians, touring with major music acts.
I have focused my specialties on sports rehab and prevention, chronic pain management, and lymphatic drainage for post operative patients, and have trained my team of expert therapists to think thoughtfully and comprehensively. We hope this blog extends the care we can offer you, from our studio in to your home.
With love,


Carolynn A.
Carolynn A.Copy Editor
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Best massages EVER! I couldn’t turn my head for 3 years and nobody could help me. Then I got massage with Ceallaigh and have full range of use in my neck! THANKS
James D.
James D.
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When my girlfriend left she came out so untended and loose she wasn’t in pain it brought out more of her inner happiness and to that’s all I could ever ask for
Tim Knipper
Tim KnipperAssets Manager
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All I can say is that you’re strong in the Force, Master Jedi Cea – I sincerely appreciate your talents! Thank you for helping rid the world (and my body) of pain!
Stephanie T.
Stephanie T.Personal Assistant
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I love Ceallaigh and her healing hands! Ceallaigh brings so much skill and insight to her work. She treats you as an individual and is quickly able to find your aches and work them until they dissolve. I am so grateful to have found her! She is an expert therapist; strong, sensitive, and aware. She will give you the best massage ever. Go see her!
Nicole Kaduson
Nicole KadusonPilates Instructor
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Being a Pilates instructor I am particularly sensitive to the pain and suffering that I can sometimes put my body through. Ceallaigh is so knowledgeable about each and every muscle that every time I visit I am put out of my misery in the most wonderful massage. I have had a shoulder injury that wasn’t healing due to scar tissue and tight muscle and Ceallaigh found the problem and helped to fix not only the shoulder issue but other issues throughout my body. She is the best!
Dr. Tim Merrick, DC
Dr. Tim Merrick, DCChiropractor
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As a chiropractor of 20 years, I’ve have had more massages from more therapists than I can count. I must say the massage I just received from Ceallaigh was one of the best ever. She didn’t have a “routine” that she ran through, but assessed my musculoskeletal system and addressed my issues as appropriate. I can’t wait till my next massage!
Ross Sicherman
Ross SichermanFinancial Analyst
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Got my first professional massage ever this weekend courtesy of Ceallaigh. Although I am no expert on massages, I think how great I felt after was proof of her expertise, experience, and mastery of skill. In particular, my back feels better than it has in years. She really helped me work through my problem areas and release many of my knots, and though her techniques were sometimes rather intense, it was all very productive. Highly recommended. I’ll definitely be back for more…
Krishna Chavda
Krishna ChavdaIllustrator
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I had tried so many things, and so many therapists, and Ceallaigh’s massages are the only things that have helped resolve my muscle spasms