CBD Massage Video

Salvation Wellness CBD Massage Video

Get ready for a full 2 HOUR CBD MASSAGE VIDEO at Salvation Wellness by Expert Massage Therapist, Ceallaigh Pender.

As we all know, getting bodywork can be kind of hit or miss. Sometimes you get a great massage nad other times you go in thinking its going to be great and its just awful. Nothing is worse than having a therapist just kind of do a blazé routine where everything you said needed work, just goes right out of the window. Another thing that really gets me, is when I have gone to some luxurious spa and got the CBD upgrade, and all it was, was some generic CBD cream slathered on my back without knowing how many MGs of the product I was really getting, or why the therapist was using it. When I asked the therapist they couldnt tell me WHY she was using it, which is like MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE. When I do something to a person’s body, you better believe that I am going to have explicit reasons for doing everything I do. Including what products I use. 

In this CBD Massage Video, I wanted to show you the full 2 hour session so you can see what a custom massage should really look like. I go in depth on this full body massage, with detailed analysis of the musculature, functional and dysfunctional patterns, skeletal system, as well as information on specific massage techniques.

I am working on a client who has issues with very tight hips, chronic neck and shoulder pain, as well as issues in her abdomen and ribs, that are causing issues with her breath. As I work on her, I nerd out hard, on corrective exercises and stretches, agonist and antagonist relationships of muscles and how that plays in to chronic tension, how to correct shoulder and neck pain, and so much more! Get your iPad and ink-less pens out…cause you’re about to go to skool! Want to try out the CBD Products featured in this session? Click below! 





How to massage - 2 Hour Full Body CBD massage at Salvation Wellness
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