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Top Benefits Of Corporate Wellness

Investing in worksite corporate wellness programs not only aims to improve organizational productivity and presenteeism, but also offers a variety of benefits associated with cost savings and resource availability. A study performed by Johnson and Johnson indicated that wellness programs saved organizations an estimated $250 million on health care costs between 2002 and 2008. Workplace wellness interventions performed on high-risk cardiovascular disease employees indicated that at the end of a six-month trial, 57% were reduced to a low-risk status. These individuals received not only cardiac rehabilitation health education but exercise training as well.”

“Employee wellness programs have often been viewed as a nice extra, not a strategic imperative. But the data show otherwise. The ROI on comprehensive, well-run employee wellness programs can be as high as 6 to 1.

The most successful programs have six essential pillars: engaged leadership at multiple levels; strategic alignment with the company’s identity and aspirations; a design that is broad in scope and high in relevance and quality; broad accessibility; internal and external partnerships; and effective communications.

Companies in a variety of industries have included all six pillars in their employee wellness programs and have reaped big rewards in the form of lower health care costs, greater productivity, and higher morale.”

Harvard Business Review, December 2010

Reduces pain and enhances the body’s immune system

Salvation Wellness includes tools that supplements health.

Helps reverse heart disease

Our practices have shown to improve cardiovascular health.

Reduces feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, and confusion

Corporate wellness provides proven relief for mental health.

Corporate Wellness helps control thoughts

Our tools offer a relief for employees needing focus.

Increases blood flow and slows the heart rate

Our exercises are guided with the heart in mind.

Increases energy

Our conditioning grants an overall energized footing.

Provides a sense of calm and balance

We have a way of breathing fresh air into your workspace.

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