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There is a reason we have been voted Best Wellness and Best Massage, year after year.

Each massage therapist goes through extensive training to think comprehensively and deductively about the body.

A custom massage allows you to get exactly what you want out of your session. You are not tied in to only “swedish” or “deep tissue” but can talk to your therapist about the different areas you feel discomfort, areas you would like a more soothing touch, and any areas you would like to focus on, such as shoulders and neck. You can even do specialized work for things like headaches, sciatica, or stretching.

When you arrive, you will meet with your therapist you will discuss all of these things with them and they will custom tailor the session based on what you discuss.

We will often use multiple techniques during the session but if there is something on our list that interests you, please ask when you book and discuss with your therapist.

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custom massage

Custom Massage

Have you ever gone in to a massage, so excited about having your discomfort relieved, only to find that the therapist didn’t listen to your concerns, and didn’t address the areas you really needed work on? It is the worst, and it’s why we created our Custom Massage.

Check out just a few of the techniques, that our therapists have training in! They often use more than one technique in a session, to give you thoughtful, creative and logical treatments.

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Speciality Services



Used for pain management, stiffness, and detoxification, this unique therapeutic session has enduring healing effects on persistent pain.

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A hands-on energy balancing system that promotes relaxation and stress relief, it works to holistically heal the mind, body and spirit.

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Couples Massage

Enjoy a therapeutic massage, done side by side for a unique and romantic bonding experience. *call to book appointment

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lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic Drainage

Stimulate the flow of lymph, help your body detox and regenerate. Helps with pain and sleep. One of our most popular services.

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Prenatal Massage

Find relief with our therapists experienced in Prenatal Massage. Your therapist will discuss your needs to ensure comfort.

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TMJ Massage

If you suffer from teeth grinding, clenching, or headaches or even neck pain, this is a quick and effective treatment.

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craniosacral therapy massage icon

Craniosacral Therapy

a gentle hands-on technique that uses a light touch to examine membranes and movement of the fluids in and around the central nervous system.

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The Gift of Wellness

When you give your loved one a gift card from Salvation Wellness, you can rest assured that your gift will be just the right fit. Choose between a sauna, a meditation class, or a custom tailored massage, get them a gift card to experience all of our services.

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When wellness is a lifestyle, Salvation Memberships are here to help you.

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