At Salvation, each massage is tailored to meet your specific bodywork goals and preferences. Each therapist goes through extensive training to think logically and deductively about the body. We will often use multiple techniques in each session but if there is something on our list that interests you please ask when you book, and discuss with your therapist. *


30 min ——— $60
1 hour ——— $110 [$90 cash]
90 min ——— $170 [$150 cash]
2 hour ——— $225 [$205 cash]

30 minutes ——— $70
1 hour ——— $125
90 minutes ——— $175
Trilogy ——— $175
The Big Fix TM ——— $300​​

1 hour ——— $225 [$205 cash]
90 minutes ——— $335 [$315 cash]

Cupping ——— $60
Lymphatic Drainage ——— $65-75 cash
Plantar Fasciitis ——— $60
TMJ release ——— $20

Using deep pressure points within areas of restricted muscle, this modality releases long held movement restrictions in profound ways.

Get deep in to those nagging knots and adhesions with focused deep tissue techniques, pin pointing pressure points and deep rolling massage done with and without oil.

Soothe your weary muscles with gentle rhythmic massage that works comprehensively from core to limbs.

Address the adhesions of your body in movement by lengthening and softening your muscle, ligaments, tendons, and fasica with this comprehensive, highly effective technique.

We are skilled in massage for both post-operative lymphatic drainage, as well as for those with auto-immune diseases. POST – OP : We can help guide you through the often confusing and sometimes scary journey, back from surgery. AUTO IMMUNE :Our owner has extensive experience with unique auto immune cases including lyme’s disease.

As you take the beautiful journey towards motherhood, your body goes through so many changes. From swollen ankles to achy backs, we address all of the aches and pains that come along with the prenatal experience.
We offer side-lying sessions for the health of your baby. Please find out more through our blog, linked below!

With subtle adjustment and pressure points around the fissures of your skull, spine, and sacrum, release a plethora of ailments in your entire body. This slow, gentle technique is based in the science of up regulating your autonomic nervous system to encourage deep healing.

A romantic experience and a divine massage for you and your partner. You both experience massages done side by side, simulatenously receiving expert bodywork in a calm and soothing massage room. This can be paired with a couples sauna for a deeply transformational treat.

RECOVER BETTER. TRAIN HARDER. More and more people are understanding that being physically fit isn’t just what happens in the gym, but also what happens during recovery. By doing sports massage we can help you get stronger, feel better, and have longevity.

One of the most prevalent chronic issues that we see in our studio, shoulder pain can really stop you from doing things you want or need to do. By addressing the shoulder as a dynamic and comprehensive unit, we get at the root causes of the pain instead of just doing the same ineffective massages that barely help.

Increase your range of motion and decrease your pain. Done on the table or off, we help you to get your body moving and empower you with tools to do on your own.

This ancient technique is again being highlighted for its deep effect on pain points, mobility issues, and detoxifying results. It is a treatment that has truly stood the test of time. We do passive, running, and myofascial decompression techniques to have you leaving feeling brand new.

By harnessing the subtle energies all around us, this healing technique helps soothe stress, anxiety, pain, while bring in to focus healthy perspectives and rejuventation of your spirit.

The hands and feet are powerful access points to our entire body. Reflexology harnesses this connection to help create systemic healing by using pressure points.

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