Custom Tailored Therapeutic Massage

At Salvation Wellness, each massage is tailored to meet your specific bodywork goals and preferences.

Massage Pricing

Each therapist goes through extensive training to think comprehensively and deductively about the body. We will often use multiple techniques during the session but if there is something on our list that interests you, please ask when you book and discuss with your therapist. *

30 MINUTES           $60
1 HOUR                     $110  [$100 cash]
90 MINUTES            $170  [$160 cash]
2 HOURS                  $225  [$215 cash]

Note: we offer a $10 cash incentive for those who opt to pay with cash

30 MINUTES         $70
1 HOUR                   $125
90 MINUTES         $175
Trilogy                    $175
The Big Fix™         $300​​

1 HOUR                 $225 
90 MINUTES        $350 


THAI MASSAGE                             $170                                CUPPING                                        $60
LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE               $75
TMJ RELEASE                                $25      add-on $10               

30 MINUTE CBD            $95

1 HOUR CBD                   $145

90 MINUTE CBD            $205

CBD add-on                   $35


        60 MINUTE                      $100


        45 MINUTE                       $75

        90 MINUTE                       $185

Book your next massage

* Please note that we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours before your appointment to avoid a charge of 50%. If you do not call you will be charged the full fee for the session with the card on file. 

Massage Services

CBD Massage

Enjoy an exceptional custom massage with the added benefit of full spectrum CBD products handmade by our team.


Using deep pressure points within restricted muscle releases long held movement restrictions profoundly.

Swedish Massage

The most basic of massages but has medical benefits in the areas of cardiac, renal and pulmonary issues.

Prenatal Massage

Help your pregnancy aches, pains, and swelling with our therapists experienced in Prenatal Massage.

Couples Massage

Enjoy a soothing therapeutic massage with someone else in the same room, side by side, for a unique bonding experience.

Myofascial Release

If you suffer from TMJD this is very effective. With the use of trigger points, extra and intraorally, you will feel a difference immediately.

Thai Massage

Enhance your mobility and increase the plasticity and balance of your soft tissue with assisted and PNF stretching.

Lymphatic Drainage

Consists of movements to stimulate the flow of lymph. Ceallaigh received training at the Sloan Kettering campus in NYC.

Deep Tissue Massage

Incorporates the traditional western method of massage while moving deeper into the musculature that is causing pain and discomfort.

Assisted Stretching

From PNF stretching, to pin and stretch, A.R.T., isometric release, and positional release, you will get results and recovery that can only come from an expert.


Cupping is one the oldest methods of treatment for pain management and structural complications.

Craniosacral Therapy

The subtle art of rhythm and release is used by applying keen pressure on cranial fissures, and releasing the sacrum.


(Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy, is an energetic technique that is done with clothes on, either hands on or off the body.


Each zone or part of the body has a corresponding reflex point on the feet. Stimulating this corresponds to a related organ or system.

Sports Massage

Used to treat the active individual, that is used for anyone training for an athletic event such as a marathon or any competitive sport.

TMJ Release

This is a quick and effective treatment that you can do as often as you need. With the use of trigger point, extra and intraorally, you will feel a difference immediately.

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Carolynn A.
Carolynn A.Copy Editor
Best massages EVER! I couldn’t turn my head for 3 years and nobody could help me. Then I got massage with Ceallaigh and have full range of use in my neck! THANKS
James D.
James D.
When my girlfriend left she came out so untended and loose she wasn’t in pain it brought out more of her inner happiness and to that’s all I could ever ask for
Tim Knipper
Tim KnipperAssets Manager
All I can say is that you’re strong in the Force, Master Jedi Cea – I sincerely appreciate your talents! Thank you for helping rid the world (and my body) of pain!
Stephanie T.
Stephanie T.Personal Assistant
I love Ceallaigh and her healing hands! Ceallaigh brings so much skill and insight to her work. She treats you as an individual and is quickly able to find your aches and work them until they dissolve. I am so grateful to have found her! She is an expert therapist; strong, sensitive, and aware. She will give you the best massage ever. Go see her!
Nicole Kaduson
Nicole KadusonPilates Instructor
Being a Pilates instructor I am particularly sensitive to the pain and suffering that I can sometimes put my body through. Ceallaigh is so knowledgeable about each and every muscle that every time I visit I am put out of my misery in the most wonderful massage. I have had a shoulder injury that wasn’t healing due to scar tissue and tight muscle and Ceallaigh found the problem and helped to fix not only the shoulder issue but other issues throughout my body. She is the best!
Dr. Tim Merrick, DC
Dr. Tim Merrick, DCChiropractor
As a chiropractor of 20 years, I’ve have had more massages from more therapists than I can count. I must say the massage I just received from Ceallaigh was one of the best ever. She didn’t have a “routine” that she ran through, but assessed my musculoskeletal system and addressed my issues as appropriate. I can’t wait till my next massage!
Ross Sicherman
Ross SichermanFinancial Analyst
Got my first professional massage ever this weekend courtesy of Ceallaigh. Although I am no expert on massages, I think how great I felt after was proof of her expertise, experience, and mastery of skill. In particular, my back feels better than it has in years. She really helped me work through my problem areas and release many of my knots, and though her techniques were sometimes rather intense, it was all very productive. Highly recommended. I’ll definitely be back for more…
Krishna Chavda
Krishna ChavdaIllustrator
I had tried so many things, and so many therapists, and Ceallaigh’s massages are the only things that have helped resolve my muscle spasms