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Experience deep relaxation in our urban oasis. Ease your body and mind from the daily stressors of city life in our fully private infrared saunas and shower.

You can choose from a private or deluxe sauna session to ensure your comfort. Our low EMF saunas can help with detoxification, stress relief, pain relief, skin conditions, and recovery from injury.

This can be booked on its own, or paired with a massage, meditation, or our CanaBliss for deeper and long lasting effects.

What is the difference between a traditional and infrared sauna? The key is in the light wave, that we experience as heat. With a traditional sauna, as the heat increases, so too does the angle of the wave. It becomes more and more acute as the heat increases. What that means is that the greatest impact is on your skin and delicate vasculature surrounding your skin and fascia.

With the infrared light wave, you experience a less acute wave of heat which means that it can penetrate deeper in to your muscles and organs with less stress to your skin and capillaries, at lower temperatures. This means that you get more benefit with less drawbacks. In addition, we are LOW EMF to ensure your health and safety and help you to reach your wellness goals.

We recommend that you use the sauna as a stand alone appointment at least once a week, or as an addition to your massage.

If you are looking to detox, or to add on to your lymphatic drainage massage we recommend doing a 30 minute session AFTER your appointment.

If you are looking for pain relief and relaxation we recommend doing a session BEFORE your appointment for either 15, 30 or 45 minutes. You can also book this as a stand alone session for 30 minutes or 45 minutes.

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