Cocoa OMMM Soap


John Biccard once said ‘Let everyday things like cleaning and cooking become meditation.’
Imagine a life where our daily chores helped clean our minds as well as our house?

Our handcrafted, vegan, organic Buddha Cocoa Ommm soap is made with powerful plants derived goodness and powerful botanicals, to try to help you get that zen Mr. Biccard was talking about.

We wanted to make a soap that felt like velvet on our skin, and smelled absolutely sumptuous. To us that means rich cocoa and deep vanilla. So we made this Cocoa Omm Soap with that in mind. We created it with hydrating sumptuous cocoa butter, enriching powdered cacao, soothing vanilla bean, relieving botanicals and turmeric, this soap feels as good as it smells. You might be wondering why we formed it in a 3D gorgeous buddha shape; its to remind us to take our little daily tasks and turn them in to rituals that can create a feeling of zen, no matter how stressful our day can get. It’s also just really lovely, and makes a perfect gift for that special someone (especially when that special someone is you).

Our Buddha Cocoa Ommm soap will leave you chanting OOOMMMMMM! Zen looks good on you.


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