Wellness Review from Hoboken Girl!

Wellness Review from Hoboken Girl!

I am so proud of this wellness review from Hoboken Girl! They talk about our origins, (which IS pretty cool if I do say so myself) They also explore our services and our handmade bodycare and CBD!.  It is an awesome reminder that the work we love doing, is really impactful for people! We offer so many services, born out of the needs of our clients. Services like massage, meditation, corrective yoga, therapeutic exercise, hypnotherapy, CBD, and handmade bodycare. We are always grateful for positive reviews, but are especially happy to be reviewed by such awesome ladies 😀 

We are continuing our promise of offering the highest quality healing products. Our new product labels are amazing too! They were inspired by my love of science and art of aromatherapy. We tried to get a kind of “modern apothecary” feel. Do you love them? WE DO!

The famous CBD Salve that helped Ceallaigh’s dad is $30, and is meant to ease inflammation and help with cellular recovery, scar formation, wound healing, and pain. Other products in their assortment include CBD organic soaps, creams, salt soaks, protein bars, and essential oils sourced from family-owned farms. Each product is carefully designed, sourced, and tested. “We worked really hard to make sure that each product is good for the majority of clients,” Ceallaigh explains.

Whether someone is in need of some relief or just relaxation, Salvation Wellness offers several unique and innovative services. There is something for everyone and for every budget. For those who want to participate in wellness but don’t want to break the bank, they can try the infrared sauna experience, a custom 30-minute massage, or purchase one of their amazing products.

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