The Naked Truth : What if I forget to shave before a massage?


Ah, the pre-massage ritual.

Shower, check.

Cozy clothes, check.

Deep breaths, check.

Shave… wait, shave?!


A sinking feeling grips your stomach as you realize, in all your excitement for the impending relaxation, you’ve committed the cardinal sin – forgetting to shave. Panic sets in, visions of disapproving stares and hairy awkwardness flash in your mind. Fear not, my follicly-concerned friend, for this article delves into the “what if” of forgetting to shave before your massage, debunking myths and easing your anxieties.
Now let’s take a deep breath and untangle this knotty situation.


First things first, let’s dispel the myth: your body hair is not a massage faux-pas. Whether you sport a full-fledged forest or a sleek meadow, massage therapists are trained professionals who have seen it all. They’re not judging your stubble; and they aren’t even thinking about it, either. They’re focused on relieving your knots, not critiquing your follicles.

So, why the apprehension? Societal expectations and the smooth-skin ideal often lead to self-consciousness. Historically, shaved legs became synonymous with femininity and hygiene, heavily influenced by advertising and societal norms. This association then subtly seeped into the massage realm, creating an unspoken expectation of smooth skin. However, it’s crucial to remember that these are arbitrary constructs, as this article in The Oracle examines. Your body hair is as natural and healthy as your heartbeat, and expecting yourself to conform to outdated beauty standards for a simple massage is unnecessary pressure.

Instead, let’s reclaim the massage experience. Approach it as a journey of self-care and relaxation, not a hair inspection. Your therapist sees beyond the surface, focusing on your well-being and releasing tension, not judging your shaving habits.

But what about the practical concerns? Some might have you believe that hairy legs  might present a slight logistical hurdle. WRONG. Massage oils are there to remove any extra drag on your skin from hair. The only concern one MIGHT have are that some techniques, like deep tissue work, might feel tuggy. This is where communication comes in. Don’t hesitate to tell your therapist about your hair situation and if the massage feels ok. They can adjust their techniques and choose oils that glide more easily.

Now, let’s explore some scenarios:

Here’s the bottom line: forgetting to shave before a massage is not a catastrophe. It’s not even a minor hiccup in your journey towards relaxation. Remember, your therapist is there to help you unwind, not scrutinize your body hair. Embrace your natural state, communicate openly, and focus on enjoying the experience.

Beyond the physical, there are deeper lessons to be learned:

So, take a deep breath, shed any lingering worries about your hair, and embrace the blissful journey towards relaxation. After all, a good massage is about more than just smooth skin; it’s about reconnecting with your body and finding inner tranquility. And that, my possibly hairy friend, is a beautiful thing, indeed.

Bonus tips:

Remember, the only thing that should be knotty in your massage are your tense muscles, not your hair. So go forth, embrace your follicles, and let the magic of massage melt your worries away.


P.S. If you’re curious about other pre-massage etiquette, here are some bonus tips:

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